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Why Winter Is the Best Time for Professional Concrete Sealing


Winter is here. Is your construction project nearing completion? Is your company getting ready to hunker down for the season? 

Winter is the perfect time for permanent concrete sealing for outdoor surfaces. Our teams can work with your property so long as the temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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If it’s outdoors in southern states, our teams can work in the winter for commercial concrete sealing.

Do you see less traffic in the winter, either with your parking lot or sidewalks? It’s not necessarily because of the weather, but maybe your business slows down after the winter holidays. 

Winter represents the perfect time for commercial concrete sealing. Pick a weekend or even a Sunday when vehicle or foot traffic is slow. Our team will come to your facility to permanently seal your concrete surfaces. 

Here’s how penetrating concrete sealing works. Unless you use high-performance concrete, microscopic pores occur in concrete. Little by little, water can seep into these pores. In the winter, any trapped residual water can become ice. Ice expands when it freezes. It can cause a hairline crack to form within the concrete. Slowly, over time, cracks can grow as more water seeps in, freezes, and expands. Years later, your beautiful concrete parking lot or sidewalk can develop larger and larger cracks.

Why are cracks a problem? Not only are cracks in concrete unsightly, but they can also cause damage to vehicles. People can trip and fall, causing your premises insurance costs to rise. If anyone is injured due to your property, you could see a lawsuit.

How can our team seal commercial concrete in the winter?

For penetrating concrete sealing to work properly, we need temperatures to be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. In southern states, this can happen year-round. It can even be raining outside, and our process will work.

Do you have a new concrete job that was just finished? Concrete has to fully cure for at least 28 days before we can apply penetrating and permanent sealing. This allows the concrete to bond and harden chemically without anything interfering with that process.

Our team is also less busy in the winter because permanent concrete sealing isn’t on many business owners’ minds. Winter is the ideal time to sign up for commercial concrete sealing. Seal Smart will arrive at your facility, take measurements, and assess how much your commercial concrete job will cost. 

Commercial concrete jobs have a 25-year warranty.

Seal Smart offers a 25-year warranty on commercial concrete projects. Do you have a concrete parking lot with 250 spaces? 2,500 spaces? 25,000 spaces? We can handle any size concrete parking lot. What about your sidewalks? Would you like to protect them from moisture intrusions and cracks for 25 years? 

Seal Smart can apply penetrating, permanent concrete sealant for your commercial property in the winter. Our teams will do a thorough job from start to finish.

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Ask Seal Smart about professional concrete sealing for commercial properties.

The professionals at Seal Smart can seal concrete structures on your commercial property to prevent cracking and chipping due to moisture. 

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