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Why Seal Smart’s Deck Sealer Is the Best In the United States


Without any type of protective coating, a wooden deck on your property can suffer from exposure to extreme temperatures, weather events, and other damaging side effects of nature. However, Seal Smart’s professional deck sealant can protect your deck to ensure that it looks and functions well for decades.

If you’ve never considered sealing your wooden deck before, here are the top three reasons why you can trust Seal Smart’s professional deck sealant to get the job done right the first time around.

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High-tech science for effective application and lasting results.

The wood grain in your deck is filled with tiny pores that make it more susceptible to moisture damage. Seal Smart’s professional deck sealant soaks into these tiny holes and hardens into a high-tech solid to create a protective layer within your wood deck. This protective shield locks out moisture and also prevents fungal growth and wood rot, extending the lifespan of your deck. We are also constantly improving our technology and techniques through developing proprietary formulations for each sealant application. This ensures maximum efficacy and long-lasting results.

Professional installation ensures the best protection.

Seal Smart’s deck sealant also comes with advanced professional installation to ensure that the process is done correctly and efficiently for complete and lasting protection. First, we use a non-toxic cleaner to complete an in-depth cleaning that eliminates dirt, old wood coatings, and any current moisture damage. Then, we carefully apply two coats of our wood sealant, which enhances the shine and look of your deck while also protecting it from harsh seasonal changes.

It comes with a 25-year warranty.

One of the best things about Seal Smart’s professional deck sealant is that it comes with a 25-year warranty so you can enjoy the long-lasting protection it provides for your property as well as the peace of mind that comes with it. Instead of re-applying every few years, our deck sealant penetrates the entirety of the wood to fill up the microscopic pores that leave your wood vulnerable to moisture. As a result, we can guarantee long-lasting results that last for decades.

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