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Why Choose Winter for Deck, Patio, or Concrete Sealing?


When winter sets in, you tend to spend more time indoors with family and friends. Your deck, patio, or hardscaping is the first thing on your mind. But perhaps you spend part of the winter months looking forward to spring, warmer weather, and grilling on your deck or patio. 

You should get your outdoor space in great shape for the long term so you can enjoy it for as long as you own your home. Take a look at why winter is the best time for deck, patio, or concrete sealing for your home.

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If the temperature rises above 40 degrees, permanent deck sealing can work.

Our permanent deck and concrete sealing can work in any weather conditions, so long as it gets above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Our products even work when it’s raining because water actually helps the permanent sealer work more efficiently. If you live in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Southern Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia, you can get your deck or patio for springtime.

Another option, if you live in northern states like Ohio, Kansas, or northern Missouri, is to get on the waiting list to be the first job in the spring as soon as the weather is warmer. Our team can get a quote for your home now, and you’ll be one of the first homes we work on in March.

Permanent sealing companies can work in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia in the winter.

In southern states, the weather rarely dips below 40 degrees. Sometimes, enjoying your deck or patio is a year-round event! You love barbecuing in January as you prepare for the NFL playoffs. Then your neighbors are envious of the aroma coming from your slow-smoked ribs or juicy steaks.

If you live in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia, our permanent deck sealing teams can work on your home at any time of year. Call Seal Smart for a quote. We will come to your place, take measurements, and give you an honest, accurate quote for permanently sealing your deck, patio, or concrete surfaces.

Our permanent sealing offers a 25-year warranty.

Seal Smart offers a 25-year warranty on concrete sealing, deck sealing, and patio sealing jobs thanks to our penetrating sealant that keeps out moisture by filling in the tiny pores found naturally in concrete and wood. Once the sealant fills those pores, moisture can’t penetrate. 

When moisture penetrates, it can freeze. Ice expands when it freezes, which can cause microscopic cracks to form. Over time, these cracks can expand and get larger. After five to 10 years, you might see larger cracks expand and get bigger. Permanent sealing can prevent that.

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Who can permanently seal my concrete, patio, or decks in winter? 

Seal Smart’s permanent sealing comes with a 25-year warranty. Our teams can work in winter to protect your deck, patio, masonry, or hardscaping from moisture intrusions.

Contact our team or call 1-877-288-3497, and we’ll be in touch. We can work on your property as long as it’s 40 degrees or warmer.