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We Seal So Much More Than Decks and Patios at Seal Smart


You may know us for our sealing capabilities for decks and patios, but our expertise encompasses so much more. We specialize in all types of homes, including log cabins. We go beyond the patio and seal other elements of your property to extend the beauty, longevity, and resale value. In today’s blog from Seal Smart, we will show you all the areas of your home or commercial property that we service. 

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Wood Structures 

If you have a home with wood siding, or if your home is built out of wood, like a log cabin, it will need to be sealed to protect it from the natural elements. Because wood is an organic material filled with microscopic pores, it absorbs moisture, dirt and holds it in, making it look worn and older than it is. Applying a sealant to the wood blocks these elements that cause the dated look, making the wood impervious to those elements. It can also block moisture that can cause damaging mold, mildew, and moss growth. This will make your structure look better, add to the home’s longevity, and reduce the issues of replacing pieces.

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Sidewalks and Walkways 

Your sidewalks and walkways around your home or business are part of the aesthetic beauty of the entire property.  

Ice, freezing temperatures, rain, and dirt can damage your concrete sidewalks and paths, creating holes, breakage, and a dirty appearance. Not only does this make them look worn, but it can be an invitation for accidents and falls. 

At Seal Smart, we utilize the highest quality solutions for sealing by using our proprietary technology. This sealant creates a penetrating sealant that fills pores and keeps water out, reducing the potential for cracks, holes, and dirt. Here are additional benefits to sealing your concrete: 

  • Protect against water damage and mold
  • Prevent cracks from forming
  • Resist stains from oil, acid, and chemicals
  • Simplify washing and cleaning
  • Make it easier to remove ice
  • Increase concrete strength

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Have you noticed cracks and pitting in your fireplace and masonry? A masonry sealant will keep external elements like rain, ice and dirt from damaging your fireplace, keeping it intact and beautiful. 

A sealant on your chimney, fireplace, or other masonry can provide the following:

  • Prevent the formation of cracks in brick and stone.
  • Seals small pits in brick and stone, keeping dirt and debris out and making it bright and cleaner longer.
  • A sealant protects brick, stone, and concrete, protecting against the damaging effects from mold, acid rain, and long periods of dampness. 

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Often we may not think of the driveway as a part of our home or business that needs to be maintained. However, because the driveway extends to the curb appeal entrance, the driveway is vital to creating and keeping that perfect first impression. 

Driveways are heavy traffic areas. Tires bring in dirt and tar and oil, acids, and chemicals. These can make a driveway look stained and old. Small drips from your engine’s oil can also leave discoloration and stains.

Our driveways can get cracked and pitted from water, ice, and pressure like our sidewalks and pathways. 

The proprietary technology we use to seal driveways can create a penetrating sealant that keeps water out. This will increase the strength of the concrete and make cleaning easier. 

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Sealing Wood, Stone, Masonry, and Concrete by Seal Smart

By taking these simple steps, your deck or patio is sure to look fresher, and stay that way, for longer. Contact Seal Smart online or call 1-877-273-2511 for more information or to request a free quote for our services.