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Severe Weather Season Coming? See Some Important Ways to Protect Your Deck or Patio From Spring Storms


You’ve just installed that new deck or patio and you’re ready for spring and summer barbecues. But severe weather in the forecast may not only dampen your entertaining plans, but it could damage your deck and put a damper on the time and money you just spent on perfecting your outdoor space. In today’s blog from Seal Smart, we offer some great tips on how to protect your investment so it looks beautiful for many cookouts to come. 

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Protection for Wood  

Wood is an organic material that absorbs moisture and can look old from sun and weather long before it should. If you have an existing deck that needs a fresh look, or if you’re installing a new one, now is the time to seal it before it begins to weather. 

  • Cleaning. Because wood is porous and absorbs water that later becomes mold and rot, sealing it is necessary. A heavy-duty cleaning will remove years of dirt, mold, mildew and stains, not only preparing the surface for sealing, but also giving it a fresh, clean look. 
  • Sealant. Once the area is cleaned and allowed to dry, apply sealant.  If you’re unsure as to what cleaner or sealer to use for your area, contact one of our professionals. Seal Smart uses a proprietary sealing technology that fills in pores, eliminating dirt and contaminants from entering the surface. The sealant hardens, becoming part of the wood. This keeps the wood safe from damage longer than other sealants. 
  • Canopies and coverings. If you live in a particular area of the country where severe storms are common, you may consider adding a canopy or covering to your area for added protection. Make sure the covering can resist severe weather such as hail and high winds.

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Protection for Concrete 

Concrete like wood and stone, can show dirt and stains. Water is the main enemy for concrete, creating cracks and crumbling. One of the best ways to keep your concrete patio from looking old and dirty is to seal it. 

Cleaning. Clean the area with a high pressure hose, removing all dirt and debris that has found its way into the tiny divots. Allow to dry completely. 

Sealant. Spread sealant evenly across the surface. Allow to dry completely. With Seal Smart concrete sealant, one application is all it will take. If you have questions about sealing concrete, contact a Seal Smart professional today. 

Protection for Masonry 

A masonry sealant is going to be your first line of defense against weather conditions including spring storms. By applying sealant onto your patio, stairway, chimney, or brick structures, it seals out water, which is often the most damaging weather factor. 

A good sealant can also provide the following:

  • Prevent the formation of cracks in brick and stone.
  • Seals small pits in brick and stone, keeping dirt and debris out and making it bright and cleaner longer.
  • Sealant protects brick, stone and concrete block against the damaging effects from mold, acid rain and long periods of dampness. 

Covering. If severe weather conditions are in the forecast and you’re afraid your new stone fire pit is in the direct path of debris, we recommend covering the structure with a tarp. A tarp can take the brunt of impact from falling debris or hail, ensuring your pit is beautiful and ready for the next fire. 

Sealing Wood, Stone, Masonry, and Concrete by Seal Smart

By taking these simple steps, your deck or patio is sure to look fresh – and stay that way – for longer. While the processes may be the same for wood, concrete and masonry, the sealants are different, so be sure to check with a professional before buying products. Contact Seal Smart online or call 1-877-273-2511 for more information or to request a free quote.