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Prepping Your Deck For Spring


Spring is here, and the warmer weather is upon us! It’s time to start enjoying the outdoors again. Before you get out your favorite book and start lounging on the deck, it is a good idea to make sure it has made it through the winter safely. Prepping your deck for spring is easy and only involves a few main steps.

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Cleaning the Deck

The first thing you should do when getting your deck ready for spring is to clean it thoroughly. Cleaning the deck first can help reveal any hidden damage that may have occurred over the winter months. 

Remove any outdoor furniture or anything else you have stored on your deck. Sweep the deck and remove any dirt, leaves, and other debris. If you have caked-on mud, be sure to knock it loose. Use a bucket or hose to wet the deck and scrub any particularly stubborn areas with soap and water.

Making Repairs to Any Damages

Inspect your deck top to bottom for any signs of damage. This can include loose nails or screws, areas of wood that are rotting, places where the deck is sagging, or sections that may be falling apart.

Depending on how rough your winter was, the heavy weight of ice and snow can put a lot of strain on the wood, knocking railings or steps loose. Be sure to replace any missing hardware, ensure the deck and sides are structurally sound, and take out any wood that is unsafe for you to stand on.

Upgrading the Deck

Once you have your deck cleaned and safe to use, consider some upgrades that might make it a pleasant place to host guests or just to relax and enjoy a book. 

Some easy things you can do to upgrade include:

  • Adding a grill or smoker
  • Installing solar lights or hanging outdoor lights for aesthetics
  • New patio furniture
  • A firepit or other heating area
  • Add-on to existing seating
  • A new outdoor rug
  • Flower pots or planters

If your deck is somewhere you know you will want to spend a lot of time, something as simple as hanging outdoor string lights can make the space more pleasant and inviting.

Covering or Enclosing Your Deck

Covering your deck can make hot weather more bearable for you while also providing protection for your deck. You can find partial coverings, like an area umbrella or pergola, or create a roof and fully enclose your deck. There are also options like sunshades and removable awnings.

Covering your deck can protect the wood from extreme heat, UV damage, water damage, and premature aging. It also makes it a pleasant, shady place to relax for you or your guests. You might also be able to enjoy your deck for longer periods of time.

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Permanently Seal Your Deck With Seal Smart 

Sealing your deck can also protect your wood deck. It will keep moisture out and make your wood looking like new. Seal Smart’s permanent sealing comes with a 25-year warranty. Our team can seal your brick or concrete patios, walkways, and sidewalks to help them last.

Contact our team or call 1-877-288-3497, and we’ll be in touch. We can work on your property as long as it’s 40 degrees or warmer.