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Our Complete Guide to New Deck Sealing


Congratulations! You just had a new deck put on your house. You’ve been wanting a deck for a long time, and you can enjoy it during warm weather. 

Now you want it to last as long as possible.

That’s one reason why you should have a deck permanently and professionally sealed so that it lasts for decades.

We’re going to discuss what you need to do as a homeowner when you want to seal your new deck.

How long should I wait before sealing my new deck?

Our professional-grade sealant works on wood right away, so you can seal your new deck as soon as you are able.

Experts will tell you to wait 30 days before sealing your deck, but that is for DIY options. 

Should I paint or stain my deck before having it professionally sealed?

No. You want to seal the deck first and then paint or stain it. 


Paint or stain makes it harder to seal for your deck. If your deck is painted or stained and you want it sealed, cleaning the deck may cause the paint to come off ahead of sealing it with our professional-grade sealant. 

Another thing to think about is if you power wash your deck with high-pressure water. You need to be careful when cleaning it because you could accidentally remove the paint or stain if the water is too abrasive.

Does my deck still need to be sealed even if the wood is pressure-treated?

Yes, because pressure-treated wood may vary in terms of how well the treatment retains the chemical deep within the wood fibers. Some pressure treatments don’t penetrate very deeply, while others don’t undergo the process for long enough.

Don’t take chances on pressure-treated wood that didn’t undergo the process long enough.

What should I do to prepare my new deck for sealing?

Remove all of the belongings on the deck if you have any on the deck already. This includes folding chairs, your grill, dog toys, dog food, live plants, decorations, bird feeders, and any equipment. 

If you store anything on or under your new deck, please remove it before the professional deck sealing company arrives at your house. Even things stored in plastic tubs should be moved out of the way, if possible.

We will cover anything that’s on your house or can’t be moved, such as light fixtures on the outside of your house, siding, bricks, doorways, tree branches, 

Although our professional deck sealants are generally safe, we don’t want it to get on anything that’s not wood, just in case. 

What does your staff do when you arrive at my house to seal my new deck?

First, we will let you know when our crew is on the way. Then we’ll call you to say we are here and that we’ll be taking care of your deck.

Following that, we will cover anything that won’t be sealed to make sure the treatment doesn’t get on anything even though it’s perfectly safe.

What happens during your sealing process on my new deck?

After we make sure everything is covered, our team gets to work on washing your deck with pressure washing to remove anything that might have gotten on it since you had your new deck installed. It’s already brand-new, but we don’t want any grease stains or pet stains to be present when we permanently seal your deck.

Then we gently scrub the deck with a rotary washer and soap to make sure it’s extra clean before rinsing the soap away with water. 

Following the rinse, our team gets to work on sealing your deck with our professional-grade deck sealant. We mix our sealant with water, and the water helps the professional-grade sealant seep fully into the wood planks on your deck.

Once we do a once-over on all wooden parts of the deck, our professional sealant is good to go.

Before after photo of a deck

Can your company seal a new deck when it’s raining?

Absolutely, because our sealant actually needs water to work properly. After it seeps into the wood and dries, the bond in the water becomes permanent and your deck is all good.

When is a good time to get my new deck sealed?

Whenever is good for you, so long as the temperature stays above 40 degrees. We can seal decks any time of year, even in winter, if it’s warm enough for a few days. Summer is our busy time because people are thinking about their decks more as they enjoy them.

If you get a new deck installed in the spring or fall, we might be able to come out in a few weeks following your quote.

How long does it take to get my new deck professionally sealed? 

Seal Smart’s crew can seal your deck in one day, sometimes even in an afternoon, depending on the size of the job. 

Deck sealed with professional wood sealant

How soon can I enjoy my deck after it’s professionally sealed?

As soon as you want after our crew leaves. Set your furniture back up. Let the dogs and cats back out. Put your potted plants back in place. Fire up the grill. You’re ready to enjoy your deck for a long time!

How long does the professional, permanent deck seal treatment last?

Our treatment is warrantied for 25 years, the best in the business.

Who can seal my deck permanently?

Request a quote or give us a call at 1-877-288-6716, and we will be happy to talk to you about our professional deck sealing services.You can read some of our Seal Smart reviews to see what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us and our professional deck sealing. We have more than 15 years of experience and over 15,000 satisfied customers!