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The only proven one-time permanent penetrating masonry sealant.

If you want decades of protection for your home or business, Seal Smart has you covered.

Permanent Masonry Sealant

Seal Smart masonry sealing services ensure exceptional protection and an amazing, attractive appearance for years to come. Whether for a brick home exterior or a stonework fireplace, our masonry sealing solutions provide long-lasting peace of mind.

Complete Masonry Sealing in a Single Application

With a single application, Seal Smart masonry sealant can ensure permanent protection for all of the masonry elements at your property. When you make the decision to use Seal Smart masonry sealing services, you can ensure a night and day difference for your home or commercial property.

How Seal Smart Sealant Protects Masonry

Seal Smart masonry sealant provides exceptional protection for all kinds of masonry applications. The secret to our unparalleled masonry protection is we go beyond the surface. Our commercial-grade silicone sealants reach into masonry and seal it completely.

Unmatched Durability

Our expert masonry sealers help to prevent the formation of cracks in brick and stone. This applies year-round, keeping masonry safe from the effects of freezing weather and spring thaws.

Attractive Appearance

Sealing the microscopic pits in stone and brick keeps dirt from accumulating. That way, you can go longer without worrying about deep cleaning.

Effortless Cleaning

The same dirt-resistant properties of Seal Smart also make cleaning masonry much easier. Instead of scrubbing trapped dirt endlessly, you can use a hose or pressure washer to clear away soil quickly.

Solid Moisture Barrier

Our masonry sealant keeps moisture out. This protects brick, concrete block, and stone against mold, acid rain, and dampness.

Clear Protection

Unlike cheap surface sealants that yellow with time, our Seal Smart products go on clear and stay invisible for the life of your masonry. That way, you can see the full depth of color in granite or brick.

Complete Masonry Sealing for All Applications

Seal Smart masonry sealing is perfect for all of your residential and commercial needs, providing lasting protection for your property. When you choose Seal Smart, you can rely on the quality of our work and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with it.

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