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Back wooden deck covered partially in snow

Seal Smart wants you to get the most out of your deck or patio. That means taking care of it year-round, even in the winter when you’re not using it. Today’s blog from Seal Smart, home of Never Seal Your Deck Again, explains how to winterize your deck or patio for best results.

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Put Your Outdoor Furniture in Storage

It’s too dang cold to sit outside. Seal Smart recommends storing your deck and patio furniture for the winter. Storing them makes your outdoor furniture last longer, and it will help preserve your deck during winter weather.

Trim Your Plants

Trees, bushes, and shrubs make your yard look beautiful. If they’re getting a bit too close to your deck or patio, trim them back. Not only does trimming your plants reduce dirt and debris on your deck or patio, but it also prevents ice storms from damaging a patio or deck due to heavy branches crashing to the ground.

Clean It Up

A lot of dirt and debris can clutter up your deck or patio throughout the year. Sticks, twigs, leaves, branches, pine needles, potting soil, and loose dirt can clutter up the corners of your deck as the wind and rain move them around. Sweep off your deck or patio to remove any of these items. Dirt and debris can cause moisture build-up, and that can lead to rotting wood or discolored concrete. Seal Smart sees a lot of this sort of thing as we wash and seal decks and patios.

Power Wash

Power washing is great for decks and patios to remove any stains that happened during last summer’s barbecue season. Power washing also removes mildew. There is one caveat, though. Power washing might remove paint if you don’t use the washer properly. Some cleaning solvents don’t work on stains or mold and mildew. It may take longer, but a brush along with bleach-free cleaner does the trick to fade some of the stains. 

Seal Your Deck or Patio

This is where Seal Smart excels. Seal your wood deck or concrete patio properly. You could use DIY formulas, but those don’t do a thorough job. DIY deck sealants only cover the wooden planks. Seal Smart’s formula seeps into the wood, penetrates it, and becomes part of the wood itself. Sealing your deck or patio may prevent costly repairs or replacement later on, and it enhances the enjoyment of your outdoor space for years to come.

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