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Building a new deck is a major financial investment, but it’s absolutely worth it. An attractive patio can increase your home’s value and make it irresistible to potential buyers. Wood exterior areas also provide endless beautiful moments with your family. Regular deck cleaning is vital to keep your deck in amazing condition.

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How To Seal a Deck

It goes without saying that you need to choose the best wood deck sealer if you want the best results. Taking your time is the only way to guarantee good moisture protection. Follow these seven steps to revitalize a deck:

Step One: Prep the Area and Move Furniture

To ensure even coats of sealant, remove all outdoor furniture. Moving furniture from one side to the other isn’t an option since drying is necessary between cleaning and sealing. Protect any nearby plants by covering them with plastic.

Step Two: Remove Any Debris

Next, get rid of any branches, leaves, birdseed, and other debris from the deck surface. An upright broom can help you sweep any hard-to-reach areas, such as underneath railings. Use a putty knife to gently scrape away any sticky residues, gum, or mud without damaging the wood.

Step Three: Clean the Deck Thoroughly

Apply a high-quality deck cleaning solution using a scrub brush or a pressure washer. Generally, you want to give the cleaner some time to work before scrubbing or washing it off. For a large deck, using a pressure washer can save you a lot of time.

Step Four: Eliminate Stains

Older decks often have mold or mildew stains. If this is the case for your deck, choose a cleaning solution with brightening agents or one specifically formulated for mold stains. Avoid using undiluted bleach products for wood, and never mix bleach with cleaning chemicals.

Step Five: Rinse the Wood and Let It Dry

After a thorough cleaning, rinse your deck with abundant water. Allow the wood to dry for at least 48 hours before you move on to sealing.

Step Six: Get Ready for Sealing

The same day you’re planning on sealing, give the deck a soft sanding with 80-grit wood sandpaper. Sweep carefully. A garage vacuum with attachments is another option for quickly cleaning up the dust. Finally, cover painted surfaces, sliding doors, or siding using painter’s tape.

Step Seven: Apply Sealer

You need an excellent paintbrush or roller to apply sealer correctly. Brushes are able to seal edges and cracks easily. Deck professionals generally use a sprayer for even better results.

If necessary, seal any railings first, wiping up excess sealer using a clean cloth. Next, focus on the deck surface. Apply a thin coat of sealer to a few boards at a time and spread the product evenly across the entire length of each board. Repeat this until all boards are covered.

How Often Cleaning and Sealing Are Needed

New decks generally need about 30 days to dry before you apply a sealer for the first time. With an ordinary sealer, you’ll need to repeat this cleaning and sealing process approximately once a year. Don’t wait more than three years between applications.

Why Contacting Deck Pros Can Save You Time and Money

Does this list of steps seem intimidating? Many homeowners have trouble finding the time for resealing. Unfortunately, decks can suffer because of it.

A better option is to choose deck cleaning and sealing experts. At Seal Smart, LLC, we use the best techniques and equipment for a gorgeous deck with unparalleled protection against the elements. Our penetrating ceramic sealant seals wood completely, so you never have to seal again. For a breathtaking deck, contact our team right away.