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How Often Should You Seal Your Deck?


The surface of the new teak deck. Radial cutting of wood. Selective focus

Sealing your deck is a vital part of protecting it. Sealed decks simply last longer. Using a high-quality wood sealer can also add to a deck’s attractiveness, enhancing rich tones and highlighting the rustic natural grain. But like many homeowners, you might wonder how to keep your deck protected from the elements, including how often you need to reseal it.

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When Should I Reseal My Deck?

You should reapply wood sealer at least every three years. In many cases, you need to seal a wood deck once a year. The more foot traffic and sun exposure your deck gets, the more often you need to apply deck sealant. The type of product, the thickness of the sealant coat, and the mold/salt protection also affect the lifespan of wood sealer.

What Does Resealing Typically Involve?

The first step in getting ready to apply another coat of sealant involves giving the wood a deep cleaning with a power washer or scrub brush. Next, you need to sand the entire surface to ensure a level appearance. Finally, you can apply a stain or sealer using a paint roller, paintbrush, or spray tool.

Is it really worth the effort of going through this entire process every year? Investing in wood sealer is necessary if you want to enjoy an attractive deck for ages. You would never drive your car without insurance, and you should never leave a beautiful deck without protection.

Why Do Decks Need Durable Protection?

No matter what the weather is like where you live, your deck undergoes a constant assault from the elements. Here are a few of the dangers to a beautiful deck:

  • Sunlight: A sunny day is enjoyable for you and your family, but it puts an unprotected deck under stress. If your deck sealant has worn off, the wood underneath can fade rapidly due to UV rays.
  • Rain: Excess moisture is the enemy of decks everywhere. As rain penetrates small cracks in the wood, decks can start to rot. Mold and mildew issues are common results of leaving a deck without a dependable wood sealer.
  • Wind and salt: Ocean breezes feel refreshing, but they can do a number on exposed deck surfaces. Over time, this dry air can damage unprotected wood, leading to splinters.
  • Dirt: Foot traffic has a tendency to grind any pebbles or dirt into the wood. This can cause scratches or noticeable wear patterns. The only prevention for this is to apply the best deck sealer.
  • Chairs and furniture: The habit of dragging metal chairs across the deck can also create deep scratches in the wood.
  • Ice and snow: Freezing and thawing cycles in cold areas of the U.S. are a major threat to wood decks. If any moisture gets inside the wood, it will expand during wintertime, leading to significant cracks.

With a high-quality deck sealant, wood surfaces have a solid shield. This can protect against moisture, UV rays, heat, and other types of damage. The best deck sealer does even more.

How to Give Your Deck the Best Protection

At Seal Smart, we understand that many homeowners just want to enjoy spending time with their families. A stunning deck is perfect for sharing a meal together, entertaining friends, and having a great time. You shouldn’t have to worry about time-consuming deck maintenance. With the best deck sealer, you don’t have to.

Our wood sealer penetrates completely into the wood instead of merely resting on top. This provides unmatched protection against moisture, cold weather, mold, salt, and dirt. With Seal Smart, you don’t have to worry about resealing your deck for 25 years or more! Give your deck the best protection right away and schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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