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Fayetteville, "Never Seal Your Wood Deck Again!"™

Seal Smart Process with two technicians spraying sealant on a wood deck
Technician spraying a wood sealant on a deck
technician spraying seal smart wood sealant on a deck

Permanent Concrete Sealant

Seal Smart’s advanced concrete sealing technology ensures long-lasting durability and protection for residential and commercial concrete surfaces. We provide high-quality sealing solutions for walkways, driveways, parking lots, pools, patios, concrete flooring, foundations, and more. We handle commercial and residential concrete sealing projects.

A Single Application for Complete Concrete Sealing

At Seal Smart, we are dedicated to ensuring the best results for our customers. That means utilizing the highest-quality sealing solutions, based on our proprietary sealing technology. We have developed the best concrete sealing solution for our customers. The result? A one-time application sealing system for complete concrete protection.

Advanced Concrete Sealing Protection for All Applications

Seal Smart concrete sealant is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you want to protect the integrity of your home with sealing for foundations or basement slabs, or you want to improve your commercial property with sealing for parking lots or concrete floor surfaces, Seal Smart concrete sealant gets the job done. Read some Seal Smart reviews to see what our satisfied customers have said about us.



Reasons to Choose Seal Smart

Reason 1

Professional property inspection from experienced technicians, with detailed and accurate quotes you can count on.

Reason 2

The most advanced custom sealants, expertly applied by certified technicians, with great customer service from day one.

Reason 3

An exceptional, 25-year warranty on wood that ensures your permanent sealing service lasts for decades of protection and enjoyment.

Ratings & Reviews

Seal Smart is the top choice for residential and commercial property owners. But don’t take our word for it! Read reviews from other Seal Smart customers.


About Seal Smart of Fayetteville, Arkansas

The Seal Smart team understands what residents of Fayetteville, Arkansas, deal with when it comes to the exterior structures of your home. Severe storms in the spring and fall pelt your deck or patio with rain. High heat and humidity every summer can lead to damaged wood over several years. Sudden temperature changes, as well as ice in the winter, can crack wood, masonry, and concrete. Why not protect your wood deck, concrete patio or masonry structures with a permanent sealant? Seal Smart warranties our wood sealant for decks for 25 years! We also take care of gazebos, patios, chimneys, pool areas, exposed foundations, and more. If it’s wood, concrete, or masonry, our products and process offer protection from the elements. Contact us today for more information.

The Seal Smart 25-Year Warranty

Seal Smart proudly provides a 25-year warranty for wood structures. We want each and every customer to enjoy long-lasting protection for their property, with real peace of mind they can count on. That’s why we offer such a strong warranty.

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