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Explaining Our Cleaning & Deck Sealing Process in Detail



Seal Smart prides itself on doing a professional job every time on every project. We have a process, from start to finish, that relies on proven methods and techniques to clean and seal your deck or patio. In today’s blog from Seal Smart, we explain our cleaning and deck sealing process in detail.

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Preparing the Job Site

Before we do anything else, we prepare the job site. We cover any surface that isn’t being cleaned, such as windows, doors, walls, siding, plants, and equipment. Our team applies tape and plastic to cover every inch of surfaces to ensure your home remains protected. Our products are environmentally friendly, but we don’t take chances with your property.

Cleaning and Brightening

Before we perform deck sealing, we clean it thoroughly. The reason is simple. Cleaning and rinsing your deck allows the wood sealant to penetrate the wood completely. Our deck sealing product penetrates wood up to 8 inches to become a permanent part of the deck. 

Cleaning the surfaces also brightens older decks. That drab gray color? Our process can remove it. Cleaning and brightening your deck can also remove dirt, grime, oil, and grease while restoring some original color.

We use an environmentally friendly foam and an orbital scrubber to cleanse the surface. The orbital scrubber doesn’t raise the grain on wood or damage the wood, unlike power washers. Then our team thoroughly rinses the foam away until all debris has been removed.

Two-Coat Application

Next is our two-coat application of Seal Smart sealant. The application protects without staining, painting, or coloring your deck. In most cases, your deck is ready for immediate use once our technicians are done. Our one-time deck sealing treatment is warranteed to last 25 years. The deck is restored to its original beauty and protected from the elements. Your deck is secure against seepage and deterioration.

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Never Seal Your Deck Again From Seal Smart

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