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Birmingham, "Never Seal Your Wood Deck Again!"™

Seal Smart Process with two technicians spraying sealant on a wood deck
Technician spraying a wood sealant on a deck
technician spraying seal smart wood sealant on a deck

Permanent Wood & Deck Sealer

How about a beautiful deck that lasts a lifetime? Don’t want to stain your deck every year or two?

A worry-free permanent deck sealer waterproofs the wood for up to 25 years. We can also use it on privacy fences, marine wood, cabin siding, and more as a wood preservative that protects your investment from rot and moisture intrustions.

One-Time Wood Sealer

Forget top coats, stains, and paints. Penetrating wood sealer protects your structures for a lifetime. Our deck sealing pros do all the work. You get to sit back and sip tea.

Technician spraying a wood sealant on a deck

How Seal Smart Delivers
Stunning Wood Surfaces With Our Deck Sealer

High-Tech Science

Wood grain is filled with microscopic pores that make it vulnerable to moisture damage. Seal Smart is a revolutionary wood sealer that soaks into these tiny openings and hardens into a high-tech solid.

The Right Process

The first part of the Seal Smart process involves in-depth cleaning. We apply a non-toxic cleaner to eliminate dirt, old wood coatings, and any signs of moisture damage.

The Best Sealants

Finally, we carefully apply our advanced Seal Smart wood sealer, enhancing the wood’s shine while providing a surface that is practically impervious to changing seasons.

A Single Sealing Solution for Endless Applications

Seal Smart wood sealer provides a simple solution for all of your wood sealing needs. From residential decks and staircases to commercial docks and outdoor dining areas, we can protect your property and offer long-lasting peace of mind. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Read some of our Seal Smart reviews to see what our satisfied customers have said about our professional deck sealing services.

Reasons to Choose Seal Smart

Reason 1

Professional property inspection from experienced technicians, with detailed and accurate quotes you can count on.

Reason 2

The most advanced custom sealants, expertly applied by certified technicians, with great customer service from day one.

Reason 3

An exceptional, 25-year warranty on wood that ensures your permanent sealing service lasts for decades of protection and enjoyment.

Ratings & Reviews

Seal Smart is the top choice for residential and commercial property owners. But don’t take our word for it! Read reviews from other Seal Smart customers.


About Seal Smart of Birmingham, Alabama

Seal Smart is a trusted name in the Birmingham region of Alabama for comprehensive, permanent sealing solutions. We can protect your residential or commercial property from the effects of harsh weather and years of exposure. We proudly serve customers throughout the Birmingham area, including Tuscaloosa, Carbon Hill, Gadsden, and Oxford. We provide free, no-obligation estimates, and our work is backed by the Seal Smart 25-Year Warranty. Ready to get started? We’re ready to get to work.

The Seal Smart 25-Year Warranty

Seal Smart proudly provides a 25-year warranty for wood structures. We want each and every customer to enjoy long-lasting protection for their property, with real peace of mind they can count on. That’s why we offer such a strong warranty.

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