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Are You Ready for Pool Season? Read Our Complete Guide to Concrete Patio Sealing


Seal Smart is a professional deck and concrete patio sealing company that works throughout the South and Midwest.

Are you ready for pool season?

Do you have a wood deck and a concrete patio surrounding your pool?

Consider protecting your deck and patio with a professional-grade sealant that penetrates the concrete versus DIY options that don’t.

Take a look at your guide to concrete patio sealing to help protect your investment.

When is a good time to have my pool patio sealed?

Any time you want it sealed, so long as the temperature stays above 40 degrees. Even if your pool has water in it, we can seal the concrete patio around it without a problem.

Can you seal my pool deck at the same time as the pool patio?

Yes, we can. We use a different formula for concrete and wood, but if you have concrete around the pool and then a deck close by, we can take care of both at the same time if you wish.

Why should I get my pool patio sealed?

Our professional, penetrating sealant protects your concrete from moisture damage during extreme temperatures.

Yes, your patio will get wet due to the pool. But is it protected from extreme cold in the winter?

If moisture seeps into the tiny pores and spaces found in concrete and then it freezes, it could cause the concrete to expand in very small spaces. Once it expands, it might lead to infinitesimal cracks. Over time, these very tiny cracks may expand as more water seeps into them and freeze. You may see an unseemly crack after a few years. Keep in mind this process happens gradually and only after the water freezes.

Professional-grade concrete sealant penetrates the outer layer of concrete, seeps into the tiny spaces within the structure of concrete, and prevents moisture from getting in there. 

In the summer, when you’re swimming, this is not a problem because the water evaporates before it has time to seep into the concrete. Therefore, you probably don’t think of concrete patio sealing during the summer months.

After a few years, you might see some cracks start to form because of rain in the winter that freezes overnight.

Sealing your pool patio should happen as soon as possible, particularly if you have a brand-new in-ground pool.

Should I empty my pool before having my patio sealed?

Not necessarily. We can handle patio sealing wet or dry at any time of year.

What should I do before my pool patio is sealed?

Remove all pool furniture and anything that isn’t permanently in the ground. Think about a grill, loungers, nets, ropes, hoops, pool noodles, floaties, balls, and carts.

What happens on the day you’re going to seal my pool patio?

We will call you when our team is en route to your home. Once we get there, we will tell you that we’re on the premises to let you know we’re ready to get to work.

What happens during your sealing process on my pool patio?

Our team will cover up anything that isn’t going to be sealed, such as nearby shrubs and trees close to the patio, metal fences, planters that are too heavy to move, and sheds adjoining your patio.

After that, we pressure wash the concrete to remove as much dirt, grime, and grease as we can.

Then we foam wash the concrete to make the concrete clean ahead of sealing your pool patio.

Then we’re ready to seal your pool patio with our professional-grade sealant. The sealant seeps into the concrete to create an impenetrable barrier against moisture.

Deck sealing Project in Missouri

How fast can a professional patio sealing company work? 

We can take care of your pool patio in an afternoon, depending on the size of the patio and the deck, if we seal your deck as well.

How soon after pool patio sealing can I enjoy my space?

After a few hours after the sealant dries. Get your grill, pool noodles, furniture, and sports balls back out, and enjoy your pool! Your family will enjoy your pool for years to come, so why not have a great-looking patio to go along with it!

Who can seal my pool patio?

Seal Smart’s crew can seal your pool patio in one day, sometimes even in an afternoon, depending on the size of the job. 

Request a quote or give us a call at 1-877-288-6716, and we will be happy to talk to you about our professional patio sealing company and services.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality results for our customers. You can read some of our Seal Smart reviews to see what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us and our professional deck sealing.