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The Seal Smart 25-Year Warranty

Seal Smart proudly provides a 25-year warranty to our customers. We want each and every customer to enjoy long-lasting protection for their property, with real peace of mind they can count on. That’s why we offer such a strong warranty for wood and concrete sealants on every job we perform. Never Seal Your Wood Deck Again®

How We’re Able to Provide a 25-Year Warranty

Paints & Stains

Regular paints and stains sit on top of the wood. Since they do not penetrate the wood, paints and stains will fade, peel, and require reapplication every couple of years.

The Seal Smart Difference

Seal Smart’s penetrating sealant soaks through the wood and fills all the voids that wood naturally has – the wood becomes a solid! This makes it stronger, as well as retards moisture and more!

Paints & Stains

The Seal Smart Difference

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Never Seal Your Wood Deck Again!

We deep clean and restore to original appearance

Natural voids not due to decay will be sealed. If wood rot or decay has not already begun, sealant will keep wood from rot or decay.

Not Included

Staining can be done, but not provided by Seal Smart.

Routine cleaning is required to maintain original appearance.

Internal decay is hard to detect. Some wood may have already begun decaying when sealant applied. Seal Smart does not warrant existing decay or that it can identify it before sealing. However, if your wood does decay, we will schedule a time to seal the new boards after you have replaced them.

What Is Covered

This warranty covers any failure of the Seal Smart work or product provided to you with the exceptions stated below.

Warranty Period

This warranty runs from the date that you pay for the work and services in full for a period of twenty-five (25) years. The warranty is transferrable to a subsequent owner of your real estate. There is no warranty if the work is not paid in full.

What Seal-Smart Will Do for a Warranty Claim

If there is a substantiated warranty claim, Seal Smart will re-apply the sealant during the warranty period stated above, at no charge. Seal Smart will NOT replace, repair or pay for the affected wood, masonry, concrete or related property.

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What Is Not Covered

This warranty does not cover defects, decay, damage or imperfections that exist in the wood, masonry or concrete prior to Seal Smart’s work. Casualties, intentional damage, or acts of God that may harm the wood or masonry. Any property attached to the wood, masonry or concrete that Seal Smart has sealed. Concrete or Masonry. Consequential damages or loss of use. There is no warranty as to color.

No Other Warranties

The customer’s only remedy is that provided herein.  Other than the warranty contained here there are no other warranties or representations of any kind or that extend beyond those described above.