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6 Main Reasons Why Your Facility Needs Commercial Concrete Sealing


The pros at Seal Smart can help your property look its best with permanent commercial concrete sealing. 

Why should you invest in commercial concrete sealing? We’re glad you asked.

1. Make Your Commercial Concrete Last Longer

We offer a 25-year warranty on all commercial concrete sealing projects. Whether you have a 200-square-foot patio or 100,000-square-foot parking lot that requires sealing, our professional team can handle any size job.

2. Prevent Damage Due to Water

Concrete contains tiny pores that can let water seep into the subsurface of the concrete. If enough water seeps into the concrete and then freezes in winter, the ice expands. Over several years, these cracks can develop slowly, forming ugly looking cracks and crevices in your sidewalk, parking lot, walkways, and concrete pavers. De-icing chemicals in the winter only worsen the problem.

3. Lower Your Overall Maintenance Costs

What happens when your concrete sidewalks or parking lots have water damage? The cracks can lead to uneven surfaces, making it dangerous for people to walk when they face the possibility of tripping and falling. You’ll have to spend extra money to repair the chipped, cracked, and uneven concrete to keep people safe. Commercial concrete sealing can help prevent this type of wear and tear.

4. Create a Better Appearance

Have you ever walked along a sidewalk and then paused for a moment as you noticed plants growing out of the concrete itself? How did these weeds get here?

The answer is that concrete formed cracks over the years due to water intrusions and ice. Eventually, enough concrete broke down to form soil for a plant to take root and grow. 

You can create a better appearance for your walkways with commercial concrete sealing. And, even better, you don’t have to pay money to spray for weeds growing on your sidewalk.

5. Mitigate Replacement Costs

At some point, you may have to replace your entire sidewalk or parking lot as a capital investment. Delay or mitigate this considerable expense with commercial concrete sealing offering a 25-year warranty.

The sooner you seal your concrete after installation, the longer your concrete can resist the detrimental effects of moisture and water.

6. Keep Bugs Away

Have you ever seen an anthill coming out of the joint in between slabs of concrete? Prevent this unseemly site with permanent commercial concrete sealing. It fills in the pores naturally found in concrete to keep water away to alleviate problems associated with moisture damage.

Ask Seal Smart About Professional Concrete Sealing for Commercial Properties

The professionals at Seal Smart can seal concrete structures on your commercial property to prevent cracking and chipping due to moisture. Request a free estimate today or call 1-877-288-3497 for more information.