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5 Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Furniture From Winter Weather


Outdoor furniture can be expensive. And people often put a lot of time and effort into decorating their deck or patio area for the perfect look. It would be smart to protect your furniture from ice and snow so that it lasts. 

Discover five ways to protect your outdoor furniture from winter weather.

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Cover Them With Tarps

One of the easiest things you can do is to cover your outdoor furniture with tarps. This keeps off moisture from ice and snow, and you can easily brush off any accumulation throughout the season. Most tarps have holes so they can be anchored down with ropes or stretch cords, and won’t blow away in windy weather. You can also use bricks or cement blocks to hold your tarps in place.

Move Them to a Shed, Garage, or Storage Unit

If you can move your furniture to a dry, covered area, like a garage or garden shed, you will keep it from getting damaged over the winter. Keeping out moisture is one of the best ways to avoid rust, mold, mildew, and other water damage that can occur from being exposed to the elements.

If you have a lot of expensive outdoor furniture but not enough space to store it, you might consider renting a storage unit. Even a small storage unit would be enough to house tables, chairs, grills, umbrellas, and other large items for the season.

Remove the Cushions and Fabric

If your outdoor furniture has fabric cushions and pillows, it is best to remove them and store them somewhere dry. The same goes for any furniture with fabric pieces, like umbrellas or hammocks. Fabric that gets snowed on has a high chance of developing mold or fading.

Use Custom-Fitted Furniture Covers

This is a practical option if you only have a few large pieces of furniture, like an outdoor sofa, bench, or grill. You can buy custom-fitted covers to keep off snow and ice, though they may not keep out 100% of moisture if that is your goal. It can also get expensive if you have a lot of furniture to cover, or if your furniture is oddly shaped and requires a specialized cover.

Cover Your Entire Deck

Another thing you can do is cover your entire deck. This not only protects your furniture but your deck as well. If your deck is on the smaller side a large tarp, or several smaller tarps may be enough.

You can also use a pergola for coverage, or an awning that extends across most of the deck.  For extra protection, you can always install a roof over your deck. Covering your entire deck or patio offers three- or four-season enjoyment, depending on how much you want to cover or enclose your outdoor space.

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