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5 Ways to Keep Your Deck or Patio Cooler in the Summer Heat


You love to spend time outside enjoying the patio and basking in the sun. But when the summer months bring the heat, it can make your patio almost too hot to hang out on. It’s difficult to relax when your deck is so hot you can barely walk across it. 

Luckily, Seal Smart has some great tips for keeping your deck or patio cooler in the intense summer heat.

1. Outdoor Rug

If your deck or concrete patio has areas in direct sunlight, using an outdoor rug can keep the ground from feeling scorching hot on bare feet. Outdoor rugs are fairly cheap, and most are waterproof, meaning you don’t have to bring them in during the rain.

Besides being low maintenance, outdoor rugs can also improve the look of your patio. Use it to tie in the colors of your patio furniture and outdoor decorations. If you use the space for entertaining, a rug can make the seating area more inviting.

2. Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are versatile because they come in a variety of sizes and can be easily moved around. Small patio umbrellas can be freestanding or mounted to a table and closed when not in use. Large offset umbrellas can be placed on the side of the deck while the canopy hangs over the seating area.

Both of these types of umbrellas are great for shading your deck or patio and keeping the area cool enough to enjoy in the hot summer months.

3. Pergola or Patio Cover

If you need constant shade over your patio, a pergola or patio cover is a more permanent option.  Most pergolas have slatted tops to allow in a bit of sunlight while still offering shade. Patio covers can be more like an actual roof that keeps out both harmful sun rays and rain. 

4. Misters and Fans

Misters are tiny water sprayers that put out a cool mist in the air. They can be attached almost anywhere, including the railings of your deck or the underside of your patio umbrella. They generally hook up to your water hose and are fairly easy to install.

A fan to go along with your mister can cool down a large area on a scorching summer day and make it bearable to be outside. The water will keep your skin and deck surface cool, and kids love running through the misters trying to get wet.

5. Hose Down the Surface

A simple way to cool down your wooden deck or concrete patio is to hose down the surface. Both wood and concrete can hold a lot of heat, so wetting them down should cool the area significantly. It will also make them more bearable to walk on, especially with bare feet. 

If you are going to spend some time outside to swim, relax, or socialize, simply spray your whole deck a few minutes before you go out. 

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