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5 Types of Wood to Build a Deck With


Decks come in all shapes and sizes. They can also be constructed of different types of wood, each one of which has various price points. Discover our guide on the five kinds of wood to build a deck with as you explore your options.

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Pressure-Treated Pine

The most common wood to build a patio is pressure-treated pine. It’s also the least expensive choice, giving you more freedom when designing a larger deck, multi-level deck, or one that fits your precise requirements. The downside with pressure-treated pine is that it still needs protection from the elements to prevent cracking, warping, and splitting due to ice and moisture.


Cedar is an excellent wood for outdoor structures because it has a natural resistance to rot and insects. However, it’s a soft wood and may not work for an entire deck. Consider cedar for the vertical elements, rails, handrails, and balusters that support the railings. 


Redwood is very stable because it contains very few resins, making it able to retain finishes more readily compared to other woods. It resists rot very well. Redwood is also not as common as other woods, so expect to pay a lot more than for pressure-treated lumber or cedar the farther away you get from the west coast. 


Mahogany is a luxurious choice for deck materials. The wood is very strong and stable, perhaps one the best kinds of wood to make a deck out of. Its natural red color is very appealing. The problem with mahogany is that it’s very expensive and sometimes brought to the United States illegally.


Ipe, like mahogany, is very stable and robust, and it resists mildew and termites. In many respects, ipe is even better than mahogany as a premier hardwood. The tight grain reduces splinters. However, its hardness makes it more challenging to cut. Not only will your supply costs rise, but so will the labor because of the amount of time it takes to cut the wood.

Pro tip: Look for wood from ethically or sustainably sourced forests from reputable sellers. 

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