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5 Main Types of Concrete Sealing Our Team Performs for Your Property


The pros at Seal Smart can permanently seal concrete structures on your commercial or residential property. We even offer a 25-year warranty on each professional concrete sealing project we undertake.

If your property has concrete, our high-quality sealant can keep moisture from seeping into the structure.

Discover the five main types of concrete sealing our team performs for your property.

1. Concrete Patio

You want to enjoy your patio for as long as you own your home. Backyard barbecues, family gatherings around the fire pit, watching your grandkids catch fireflies, and entertaining old friends and neighbors all create fond memories as you have fun on your outdoor oasis.

Over time, high temperatures, snow, ice, and even de-icing chemicals can wreak havoc on your patio over years and decades. When, not if, moisture seeps into the tiny pores found in concrete, in the winter time the moisture expands when it freezes. MIT states that high-performance concrete is one answer to porous concrete (where 96% of all pores are connected within cement paste).

Another solution comes from permanent concrete sealant. Penetrating sealant fills in those pores. Though very small and impossible to see with the naked eye, when water seeps into those pores and then expands due to freezing, it can cause microscopic cracks. Those cracks widen over time as more ice gets in there. Eventually, you may see chipping and cracking on the surface.

Permanent sealing protects your patio for 25 years

2. Concrete Pool Decking

Imagine cooling off with your in-ground pool on a hot summer day. You’ve got your iced tea by your side. Your tan looks fanatic. The kids or grandkids splash around and have fun. This is the life.

Your pool needs maintenance twice a year, once when you drain it in the fall and then again when you refill it in the spring. The concrete pool decking should be maintenance-free. You shouldn’t have to apply special sealants every year.

Chlorinated water and other pool chemicals don’t help your concrete. Pool chemicals can cause concrete to slowly disintegrate over time, according to The Concrete Society. Some of these chemicals, when they seep into concrete, can cause any steel rebar used for reinforcing the concrete to corrode slowly over time. When this happens, you’ll see chips or cracks in the concrete. 

The important thing here is not the chemicals once they are diluted in the pool water. If you accidentally spill any of these chemicals on your concrete pool decking before dilution, it will cause the degradation to proceed faster. Pool chemicals to watch for include aluminum sulfate, hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide, and sodium bisulfate. 

Permanent concrete sealant that fills in the pores of concrete can keep out these chemicals. Having chipped or cracked concrete for your pool decking can cause scrapes and injuries. Enjoy your pool more by making sure the concrete pool decking stays strong for as long as you own your property.

3. Concrete Driveway

Your driveway is something you rarely think about. Then you see the crack after one winter. Then the crack expands after the next winter. Powerwashing won’t solve the lengthening or widening crack. 

Then there are the oil stains from a leaky oil pan. The oil looks unsightly, and the petroleum can seep into the tiny pores of your concrete to cause deterioration over time. The same can happen with transmission fluid, anti-freeze, and the condensation that drips from your car’s air conditioning.

Then there’s power washing. While your driveway looks great after power washing it once every summer, that water might wear down concrete if you powerwash it on too high of a setting if the concrete is already compromised because of ice that seeped into it during the winter. Then you could have a chip or crack on your hands that would only get worse over the years.

Once a chip or crack forms, the weight of your vehicle certainly doesn’t help. Although steel-reinforced concrete can withstand the weight of a 2-ton SUV, compromised concrete may wear down eventually. If you accidentally drop something heavy on your driveway, it could cause an indentation.

Permanent concrete sealant can protect your driveway from various problems caused by moisture permeating into the structure of the concrete. Even though it’s strong, regular concrete has tiny pores in it. High-strength concrete costs up to 20 times more than regular concrete. It’s usually found in bridges where the structure must last for several decades without degradation.

Instead, permanently seal your driveway with professional concrete sealant. It’s a much better use of your hard earned money and you get an effective deterrent against moisture, oil, and grease.

4. Concrete Pavers

Concrete paves look fantastic as part of your hardscaping. Imagine taking a pleasant stroll through your garden, talking to your friend or family, as you admire the blooms and vegetables sprouting around you. The aroma from the flowers is lovely.

Protect your concrete pavers from wear, moisture, mold and mildew with permanent concrete sealant. As moisture seeps into the pores of concrete during the spring and summer, warm temperatures can lead to mold and mildew growth on the surface and within the structure of the concrete pavers themselves. 

Moisture that freezes in the winter expands within the concrete structure. It can lead to cracks that form on the side next to the soil. Those cracks can expand to allow roots to take hold, which makes the cracks expand even more. Then, you have the possibility of chips and cracks in the concrete pavers.

Not only are these chips and cracks unseemly, but over time they can cause gaps to form in the walkway. No one wants to accidentally trip and fall because of degradation in the concrete pavers.

Permanent concrete sealing can help keep degradation at bay for up to 25 years! It’s also less expensive than replacing your pavers after 10 years of wear and tear.

5. Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalks around your home make it easier to navigate your front yard. It’s a welcoming structure that lets your friends, family, and deliveries arrive safely to your front door. 

Cracks and crevices in your sidewalk can make it unbalanced and unsightly. If one of your guests or family members trips and falls because of chips or cracks, you have the upset someone getting hurt and possibly medical expenses to contend with.

Professional concrete sealing can prevent cracks and crevices from forming due to water seeping into the microscopic pores found naturally in hardened concrete. It might help prevent chipping due to expansion of ice during the winter.

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