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5 Great Deck Lighting Ideas That Are Easy to Accomplish


Your deck offers a great place to entertain or simply relax in the evenings. Having the right amount of lighting can set the mood and make it easier. You’ll also get more out of your deck because you can spend more time outdoors to enjoy your investment.

Read our guide to adding more versatility to your outdoor space through simple outdoor lights.

1. Solar-Powered Lights

Solar lights can come in various styles, from mounted lights to hanging string lights. One of the major benefits of solar lighting is that it eliminates any unsightly power cords or wiring for a polished look to your patio.

Place solar lights around your deck wherever you like since they won’t need to be connected to a power outlet. They work by storing sunlight during the day to have just enough power for nighttime.

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2. String Lights

String lights can be hung anywhere on your deck, from the pergola or awning to the railing. They are a popular choice for creating a fun, inviting atmosphere for your guests.

They can range from basic, round bulb lights to fun shapes that fit a theme. Be sure the string lights you use are rated for outdoor use if you want them to hold up. And consider taking them down in the winter to winterize your deck.

3. Statement Light

A statement light is a large outdoor lamp that conveys a specific tone on your deck or patio. They are usually hanging, or pendant lights with decorative covers and can be simple and chic or different enough to be a conversation starter.

4. Tikis With Flame

Having lit tiki torches on your porch gives off a fun, party atmosphere. Be cautious whenever you have an open flame near your deck or furniture. The torches should be mounted and stable, and well out of the reach of any children.

Tiki torches can provide another benefit as well thanks to pest control. You can buy citronella-scented tiki torch fuel that helps repel those pesky mosquitos and flies, as well as illuminate your porch.

5. Accent Lighting Under Counters & Along Stairs

If you have an outdoor kitchen area or multiple deck levels that need stairs, illuminating these areas can be incredibly helpful. Adding lighting along outdoor counters and rails can help you and your guests find what you are looking for quickly without stumbling around.

Adding light along stairs makes them safer and easier to use in the dark. Guests are less likely to fall if they can clearly see their next step.

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