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4 Types of Coverings for Your Deck or Patio


Your outdoor deck or patio is your little slice of paradise. Nothing else matters out there except enjoying time away from a hectic modern lifestyle connected by phones, the internet, texting, and calls from work.

We’re experts in sealing your deck or patio so you can enjoy it for a lifetime. Take a look at four ways to cover your outdoor space to increase its enjoyment when the weather turns cool.

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1. Awning

The simplest type of deck covering is an awning. Made of canvas or vinyl, an awning can cover all or part of your outdoor space. An awning can be installed in an afternoon, provide shade or shelter from the sun, rain, and snow, and can be scaled back when you want to enjoy the full effect of your patio or deck. You can use manual or automatic systems to retract and deploy the awning.

2. Shade Sail

Think of a shade sail as a fancy awning that makes it look as if your deck or patio is about to head for the high seas. Made of durable sail material, you’ll need to install the correct anchor points to prevent the sail from flying away in the wind with just the right amount of tension to keep the sun and rain off without ripping or tearing in high winds. 

3. Pergola

A pergola offers a permanent structure without a full roof or enclosure. Typically made of wood, four corner posts allow for joists to go overhead. You can fill in a roof after that, if you want, to completely protect you from the sun and rain. Add furniture, a grill, and a micro-fridge to complete the look. 

4. An Insulated Enclosure

Fully enclosing your deck or patio is one way to enjoy it during all four seasons. It’s also the most expensive option. You’ll need to budget for structural members, rafters, and roofing materials. Then you’ll need to design the walls and windows. Think about insulating the thin walls to keep the place warm. Do you want electricity and climate control? You’ll have to wire it properly for the lights, heat, and window AC unit. 

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No matter what deck or patio covering you choose, the professionals at Seal Smart can seal wood and concrete structures to make them last a lifetime. We back every project with our 25-year warranty. We take on residential and commercial jobs, big and small.

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